Slow travel in Turkey

The Difference Between Looking and Seeing: Slow Travel.

If you are tired of running 40 people after a tour guide, we have an offer for you; Come to Turkey. Life is really slow here and you don't have to catch up anywhere. Let the others wait in the ticket queues of the museums, you can taste the first tea served in the first lights of the morning in a village coffeehouse. You will not regret…

Have you ever watched the sunset over the Aegean? If you have not watched it, you have missed a lot. The sun setting over the pearl grains on the most beautiful blue of the world will conquer your heart. In the secluded corners of Anatolia, for example, in a mountain village, in which museum do you not change the smell of the bread baked in the stove burned in front of the door? We thought so. A country that will slow down your life is waiting for you. Aegean, Mediterranean, Black Sea and more villages await you with their plateaus and seaside villages. It waits not with cold hotel rooms, but with cozy village houses, with highways rather than highways, with local people, not with crowds of tourists.

How about making rose jam in a village house in Isparta in May? Well, to make anchovy bread in Trabzon.

Being a local of Turkey
The concept of “Slow Travel”, which has become increasingly widespread in recent years, is an experience that puts quality in the foreground when it comes to traveling and seeing new places. In this current, which aims to discover the true spirit of the place visited by the majority of historical or cultural places, buildings, museums, art galleries or certain streets and streets on classical travel routes, it is not possible to act within a certain plan, so to say a country or a city. living like a local of that region comes to the fore.

Travelers who prefer to make Slow Travel; They say that spending their holidays as they come from without thinking about what they can fit into a day or a week, without thinking that I have to see it, makes them feel "free" in the true sense of the word. There are many definitions of this freedom that vary from person to person. Some prefer to mingle with people having fun at a local bar and chat with them, some to explore the food and beverage culture in any restaurant on any street, not in the places suggested and pointed out in leaflets. And most importantly, they call the time passing between these ordinary events not a loss, but rather a gain.

Creating Your Own Time
When the pressure of “seeing everything” is eased, the only thing left is to travel without any worries. When you start to get rid of the taboos and imperatives, the hectic hours spent in the rush are replaced by a peaceful calm. Chatting with sellers in a local market or sitting in front of a street musician who plays the tunes that sounds good, just to live the moment, format the minutes and hours like a clay craftsman and say, “Well, I don't have to do anything right now, I'm here and if I want for hours I can continue to stay here. ” I think this is exactly the behavior of slow travel!

Where, How, How Long?
The image, which comes to life in the mind when it comes to slow travel, is mostly the idea of ​​moving at turtle speed without hurrying anything, the subject is a bit different. In fact, the aim is to travel exactly as you "feel good"; that is, if you see a side road that catches your eye while going on a bike, I wonder where this road is going to go, instead of wondering. The rest is completely improvised. It is entirely up to you to pedal slowly to feel the wind on your face for five minutes, or to gradually scrape the surrounding landscape into your memory! What if the important thing is not to be on the road and to continue?