Full day Highlights of Istanbul & Golden Horn tour

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Duration : 8 hours

Shoes must be removed to enter a Mosque, and you may be required to carry them with you in a plastic bag during your visit. We suggest bringing socks to slip on if you are not wearing them. Women should carry a scarf because they may be asked to cover their heads. Bare shoulders, shorts, and dresses above the knee are not allowed.

Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays

Topkapi Palace is closed Tuesdays

Full day Highlights of Istanbul & Golden Horn tour

Depart from your hotel, cruise ship or airport for an overview of the city of Istanbul which was the capital to two major Empires. Drive over Galata Bridge to the old town which was once known as Constantinople, continue to the Sultan Ahmet Camii, better known as the Blue Mosque, takes its nickname from the cerulean cast of its intricately tiled interior. Take a moment to view the impressive minarets that soar skyward. Then, remove your shoes at the mosque’s entrance and cross rich layers of carpet that have been donated by the Muslim faithful over the years. Next, we then step back in time a bit to the Hippodrome. Here we can imagine what life might have been like as locals traveled to see the chariot races at this famous sports arena. The area dates back to Egyptian times, and there are still relics of the past dotting this incredible area.Later walk to Hagia Sophia Museum which was a mighty church at the center of Byzantine Constantinople. The building dates back to 535 AD and was built by Emperor Justinian. It was converted to a Mosque in 1452 and crowned with minarets. Today it is a museum carrying the signs of both faiths. See the largest cupola and fine Byzantine mosaics of the Church.

After lunch break drive thru Golden Horn and visit Church of Chora. Externally Chora is a pretty domed Byzantine building but with nothing much to distinguish it from several others that can be seen around town. Inside, however, it’s another matter, and the mosaics and frescoes on the walls far exceed in quantity those to be seen in the much larger Hagia Sophia. Next, visit Balat old Jewish neighborhood. Its name from the Greek word “palation”, meaning palace. Balat has unique architecture, churches, synagogues, trade guilds and social life.Afterward, return to your hotel, cruise ship or airport to relive your memories of an unforgettable day in one of the Istanbul ’s most exotic places.