Fullday Antiquities of Istanbul tour

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  • Wednesday (Except Kariye (Chora) Museum )
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Duration : 8 hours

Shoes must be removed to enter a Mosque, and you may be required to carry them with you in a plastic bag during your visit. We suggest bringing socks to slip on if you are not wearing them. Women should carry a scarf because they may be asked to cover their heads. Bare shoulders, shorts, and dresses above the knee are not allowed.

Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays

Topkapi Palace is closed Tuesdays

Fullday Antiquities of Istanbul tour

From your hotel, cruise ship or airport, your air-conditioned motor coach will proceed to the Besiktas district of Istanbul where you will drive through Yildiz Park, the imperial gardens of Yıldız Palace. The palace itself is a collection of pavilions and villas built in the 19th and 20th centuries; many of them are the work of the eccentric Sultan Abdulhamit II who made the palace his principal residence. Here you will visit the Chalet Pavillion of the Palace which reflects the richness of the Ottoman Empire. Walk through the intricately decorated rooms and halls, view the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire and the European influence on the last decade of the Empire in this Palace and see the eastern and western traditions, arts and furniture. Delight in a walk through the beautifully designed and planted gardens where once the Harem ladies spent their days in the shade of its trees. Then enjoy in some tea at Malta Pavillion of the Palace which was formerly the hunting lodge of Sultan Abdulaziz.

Continue your tour by boarding your motorcoach for a drive over the Golden Horn Bridge to Istanbul’s ‘old town’. View the 9 km long fresh water estuary known as the Golden Horn which divides Old Istanbul from the ‘New’ European side of the city; see the shoreline and the 4th century Theodosius city walls surrounding what was the former Constantinople. See the Valens Aqueduct of the Roman Emperor Valens from the 2nd century A.D. which is still standing and nearby visit the 16th century Sehzade (Prince) Mosque, a famous masterpiece of the great Architect Sinan. Enter the Edirnekapi district of the old town where you will enjoy an excellent lunch at a renowned local venue prior to visiting the very special Kariye Museum, housed in an old Byzantine Church dating back to 4th Century A.D. and sometimes also called the Chora Church. In fact it was used as a church until the 15th century when it was converted into a mosque and then later it became a Museum because due to its fantastic mosaics and frescoes which date back to 11th -13th centuries. See this masterpiece of Byzantine art and then take some time to stroll nearby and enjoy the authentic souvenirs and over-glazed Turkish tiles and intricately decorated ceramics and porcelain. Finally you will visit the Grand Bazaar, where you can take pleasure in the opportunity to shop, barter, stroll past or chat with the storekeepers in this unique ‘mall’ with more than 4,000 stores under its one roof! At the end of the day, return to your hotel, cruise line or airport by way of the Galata Bridge.