Nature hotels in Turkey for retreat

Travel plans, where we will stay alone with nature away from crowds and buildings, have been adorning all of our dreams in recent years, right? After the epidemic, all the travelers are looking forward to the days they will travel again, and it seems that the trips that we will be in contact with nature more, are waiting for us. With the new concept of ‘normal’, while our travel habits are changing, isolated destinations and hotels in nature are more on our agenda. For those who want to retreat, we have prepared some hotel recommendations for you, which are in touch with nature in our country. Here are some of Turkey’s retreat hotels in nature:

Casa Lavanda, Şile / İstanbul

The name of the hotel where you will stay in the heart of nature, 1 hour away from Istanbul, is Casa Lavanda… Don’t be mistaken, it’s not just a hotel. It will actually make you feel at home. The boutique hotel, which provides service with only 14 rooms in a green area of 21.000 m2, is the most romantic form of escape from the city with its architecture compatible with nature, warm decoration, calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Robin’s Nest Eco Resort, Ağva / İstanbul

Ağva, with its nature and history dating back to BC, is one of the villages that always embraces us when we want to breathe out of Istanbul. Robin’s Nest Eco Resort also carries calmness to every piece of land in the small world it has built on the shore of Göksu River, in the nature of Ağva. Located in an 8-acre green garden, the hotel welcomes nature lovers with its 35 wooden-bungalow-style rooms.

Narköy, Kocaeli

It’d be unfair to define Turkey’s ecological hotel Narköy located in the village of Kıncıllı, Kocaeli, as just a hotel. This is an education-oriented sustainable tourism center and organic agriculture farm. The hotel, built with the philosophy of "think globally, act locally", takes great care to meet all your needs from nature while leaving you alone with nature. For example, there are no televisions in the rooms here, instead of that, there are a lot of walking in the woods and taking care of the garden. Another difference is that you can attend workshops and trainings here!

Hindiba Doğa Evi, Yedigöller / Bolu

To stay in a hotel passing through the stream? Hindiba Nature House, located on the road to Yedigöller, is like the home of nature lovers! In the nature of Yedigöller, which takes on different colors every season, the hotel welcomes its guests with 12 wooden houses / rooms in different categories, everything is natural, everything is as it seems.

Simurg Inn, Ayvacık / Çanakkale

A temple of tranquility in the greenery of Ayvacık's Ahmetçe Village, Simurg Inn… While looking at the azure Aegean Sea from a lush hill, the sounds of birds and leaves whisper to your ear what eternal peace means... A boutique hotel named after the phoenix bird Simorgh, established with a philosophy that expresses the glory of the soul and rebirth while living... The boutique hotel, which has only 8 rooms, brings you together with lush nature and animals, and actually invites you to meet you again. The simple and natural state of everything is even more meaningful here.

Ida Costa, Ayvacık / Çanakkale

Another paradise in Ayvacık, Çanakkale, where nature is favored: Ida Costa! The story of Ida Costa Hotel, which gives its back to the green views of Kaz Mountains and finds a life on the sea shore, comes from the search for "naturalness". The hotel, built on a 9-acre plot, with an architecture compatible with nature, is one of the addresses you will be happy to belong to with its own pier, SPA center and restaurant…