Istanbul Christian Tours

Would you like a customized Christian Tradition tour in Istanbul with scholarly Christian guides?

Prometheus Tour provides incomparable Christian heritage tours in Istanbul. Our tours including; Roman - Catholic Churches ( Church of St.Peter & St.Paul-St.Anthony of Padua ), Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople ( Church of Hagia Yorgi), shrines and meet with Christian community.

The ancient Greek city of Byzantium was enlarged and formally christened “New Rome” in 330 by Emperor Constantine. As the Western half of the Roman Empire crumbled, Constantinople was developing into a major power bridging the cultures of the East and West. The Byzantine (Orthodox) Church dominated religious and cultural life and was involved in the political operation of the city. The patriarch of Constantinople had a position analogous to that of the Pope in Rome. Relations between the Eastern and Western branches of the church were undermined by Rome’s claims of primacy, an edict forbidding image worship, and the order to remove all religious statues and to white-wash the walls of the church. These factors and the crusades contributed to the eventual separation of the papacy in the West and the Orthodox Church in the East.

Recommended Istanbul Christian heritage tour program ;
This trip explores the role of Christianity in Turkey. You will visit the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate at Fener and the Roman Catholic Church Peter and Paul, where you can talk with the clergy. Later, you will see the Church of Chora (fourth century), which was restored by the American Byzantine Institute and houses remarkable mosaics and frescoes depicting the lives of Mary and Jesus. Continue to the Beyoglu district of the city where you will visit the Roman Catholic Church of San Antonio and learn about the existing church and its status within a Muslim country.