Topkapı Palace Museum

The first palace of the era following the conquest was built on today’s Beyazit Square. After that palace, which has left almost no remains, a new one was built. The new palace in Sultanahmet, of which construction ordered by Mehmed II. finished in 1478, was originally called the New Palace (Saray—i Cedid or Yeni Saray),

Uludag Ski Center Bursa

Uludag, Turkey’s most popular ski resort, is located within the Marmara region, 32 km south of Bursa, and offers a four-month long skiing season. Declared a National park in 1961 for its natural fabric and rich flora and fauna, Uludag is visited by throngs of people between December and/March, that is during the three-month long

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The seven ecumenical church councils were all held in Turkey. The chart below provides general information on these seven councils. All dates are AD. I. ECUMENICAL COUNCIL Date / Location :325 / Nicea in the Emperor’s summer palace Participants :Convened by Constantine with over 300 bishops present Heresy :Arianism Outcome :Creed adopted stating that Jesus

Useful informations about Turkey

Banks and ATMs : Banks are open between 09:00 – 17:00 , you can find ATMs every corner in major cities. Approximate transaction charge is between 1%-4% Public toilets : You can find public toilets in museums, sites, parks and gasoline stations. Most of them ask money (approx 1 TL ). There are two different

Ancient Priene ruins

Gloriously situated on the slopes of Mt Mykale, ancient Priene was a marvel of early city planning. Small but breathtaking, the site of its ruins makes a great place to while away a few hours. Nearby Eski Doganbey is an abandoned Greek settlement slowly finding new life as big-city refugees move in. Built on a

Ancient Miletus & Didyma

One of the oldest and most important Ionian cities was Miletus which had nearly a hundred colonies on the Black Sea. A center of education and art, the town originally stood right on the shore before alluvium from the River Menderes (Meander) silted up the area and left it stranded inland. To reach Didyma, the

Spring (March to May) and autumn (Mid of September to November) are the best seasons for visit to Turkey and Istanbul, the climate will be brilliant for tours in Istanbul and Anatolia. The Black Sea region can be visited between April and September. If you would like to enjoy sun & crystal clear sea, mid-June

The best mobile operators in Turkey are Turkcell and Vodafone. You are able to use your GSM phone in Turkey if your local provider has enabled international roaming. However, if you intend to stay in Turkey or make several calls, it may be preferable to buy a prepaid SIM card. Take your GSM phone and