About us

We are a boutique travel agent who would like to show you different faces and lifestyles of our beloved country, Turkey.

Prometheus, one of the most experienced and reputable tailor-made travel companies is differentiated with her personalized touch and the quality service in Istanbul, Turkey.

Here is your invitation to the wonderland of different civilizations of the past and present; enjoy Turkey with our services where the wisdom of experience meets the enthusiasm and determination of a new venture.

We combine our resources and knowledge accumulated through numerous years in travel industry to offer you the most popular service in Istanbul and all Turkey, but always enriching the contents with a touch of creativity and authenticity.

We equip you with all the essential information and provide you with the freedom to customize your trips according to your needs and wishes. Whether you are in search of a group arrangement or o private tour plan as an individual traveler, we have the necessary capability to cater you with service above your expectations.

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